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JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2010 :: 71(1)
Prevention for the Health of North Carolina READ MORE »

This issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal summarizes the prevention action plan produced by the NCIOM Task Force on Prevention, highlights North Carolina's efforts to give prevention a greater importance on the policy agenda, and describes how to incorporate prevention into the daily lives of North Carolinians.

MARCH / APRIL 2010 :: 71(2)
Long-Term Care: Are We Ready to Meet Expected Needs and Demand? READ MORE »

This issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal features expert commentary from stakeholders such as nurses, attorneys, and policymakers in the long-term care sector of North Carolina. Current and future topics associated with long-term care are discussed, and North Carolina's leadership in training and attracting a qualified long-term care workforce is examined.

MAY / JUNE 2010 :: 71(3)
What Does Health Reform Mean for North Carolina? READ MORE »

This issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal explains the recently passed Affordable Care Act; describes how it will affect individuals, providers, employers, the insurance industry, communities, and the state of North Carolina; and summarizes an array of funding opportunities available to organizations, institutions, and government agencies.

JULY/AUGUST 2010 :: 71(4)
Adolescent Health in North Carolina READ MORE »

In the policy forum of this issue, experts share their perspectives on improving the health and well-being of adolescents. Elsewhere in the issue, a major provider of health insurance reviews the potential effects of health reform on its stakeholders, and original articles examine the relationship between diabetes-associated medical costs and health disparities among adult Medicaid enrollees in North Carolina, as well as the views of restaurant managers about secondhand smoke and smoke-free policies.

International Health Initiatives in NC READ MORE »

The policy forum of this issue of the NCMJ highlights several North Carolina–based activities to improve health across the world. Elsewhere in the issue, representatives from 3 physician societies discuss the influence of health reform legislation on their stakeholders. Also, Action for Children and the NCIOM provide an update on the health of North Carolina children, and original articles examine smoking policies at fairs and drive-time proximity to stroke centers.

Prevention and Control of Injury and Violence READ MORE »

The policy forum of this issue examines the epidemiology, prevention, and control of injury and violence in North Carolina. Elsewhere in the issue, hospital administrators review the opportunities and challenges faced by North Carolina hospitals in the wake of health reform, and an original article analyzes attitudes toward smoking restrictions at work sites, restaurants, and bars.