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JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2009 :: 70(1)
The Face Of Addiction and the Pathways to Recovery READ MORE »

MARCH / APRIL 2009 :: 70(2)
Patient Advocacy READ MORE »

MAY / JUNE 2009 :: 70(3)
Community Care of North Carolina: Building Medical Homes READ MORE »

JULY / AUGUST 2009 :: 70(4)
Can We Be Healthy While Our Economy Is Unhealthy? READ MORE »

Although North Carolina faces many challenges in the current economic environment, innovations in the state are available to help achieve better value for our health care dollars. For example, by viewing population health within an investment framework, North Carolina is at the forefront in terms of allocating financial resources toward prevention, case management, and quality improvement. As our economy recovers and demand and resources return to normal levels, we will be in an excellent position to continue working toward making North Carolina the healthiest state in the nation.

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2009 :: 70(5)
Preconception Care: Building the Foundation for Healthy Women, Babies, and Communitites READ MORE »

From the most private of matters, such as birth control, to very public places, such as the worksite, female health issues are present and should be addressed. From family planning to breast-feeding in the workplace, there are many opportunities for communities to work together to improve the support of females of reproductive age. As the collection of commentaries in this issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal demonstrate, caring for the whole female across the lifespan will help ensure better health for them and their children.

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2009 :: 70(6)
Putting People First: Services and Supports for People with Developmental Disabilities READ MORE »

This issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal focuses on programs and services to help North Carolinians with intellectual or other developmental disabilities successfully address life's key transitional events.